Multi-Sensory Yoga Experience

Welcome to Singapore’s first immersive, multi-sensory yoga experience.

Combining light, sound and scent, our yoga sequences are curated to create an immersive, multi-sensory yoga experience to help restore balance in our senses, connecting deeper to our inner selves. 


Studies have shown that Chromotherapy- light and colour- have biological and psychological effects that can improve our moods, sleep patterns, physical and emotional health.

Using the principles of light therapy, the room will be filled with tones of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, pink and white light. Depending on the time of the day, our teachers will design and create sequences based on the class type and timing, and healing properties of the colours. 


Classes are accompanied with music that synchronises with the movements in class, and scent from essential oils to help promote a calm, relaxed state of mind.

Improves flexibilty

and mobility

With regular practice, Yoga helps stretch your muscles and increase your range of motion, improving your flexibility and mobility. 

Build Strength

and Lean Muscle

Besides increasing flexibility, Yoga is a great addition to an exercise routine for its strength-building benefits. Specific classes and poses are designed to increase strength, improve balance and build lean muscle.

Decreases stress and helps you relax

Yoga is known for its ability to ease stress and promote relaxation. It is a mind-body practice that combines the physical and mental aspects and disciplines that can help you achieve peacefulness of the body and mind, helping you relax and manage stress.  

Class Schedule


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Roxanne, our founder, believes that Yoga can be made accessible to everyone via alignment and good posture. Besides teaching, she is always seen eating Kipos and waffles! Her ultimate goal is to help people feel good by encouraging them to take small steps to a fitter and healthier lifestyle

Ke Xin

Kex aspires towards having grace and fluidity in strength. As a teacher, she strongly believes in providing her students with a loving and accepting environment to thrive in. Everyone deserves undivided attention to themselves, and she hopes to guide her students into that space and awareness. A singer herself, Kex invites you to flow along with her jam and immerse yourself in them


Xavier started his yoga journey in 2010 as a complementary practice to sports. Over the years, Yoga became part of his daily life. Xavier likes sharing his passion for Yoga, helping students move freely, and feeling the mind-body connection through a vinyasa flow. 


Seren's foundations lie in high-energy, physically demanding vinyasa yoga. However, her practice has since mellowed into one that - while still blood-pumping - is more mindful and kind. In teaching, Seren enjoys helping her students cultivate a yoga practice with grace, humour, and a balance between effort and indulgence 


Nelson enjoys establishing connections with members in the group fitness environment, guiding and helping them with their fitness transformation. His positive energy and contagious vibe always leaves you coming back for more. Get ready to chase your greatness in class!



From beginner to intermediate practitioners, we offer a variety of group classes to meet your fitness and lifestyle goals. 


Looking to work on something specific?  1-1 or Private Group Yoga classes will be customised and tailored to suit your practice. Reach out to us for more details. 


Practise first, eat well later. Housed with ZOI YOGA, KIPOS Gourmet is here to support your post-class fuels. Members get either a bottle of cold-pressed juice or $3-5 off a protein bowl.


Looking for an event space? Our studio can fit 18 yoga mats, and we also offer the option of healthy food catering from Kipos Gourmet. 


441 Joo Chiat Road, Level 1, Singapore 427654


Contact: 91142821

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